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2012 Dates


Dates for our 2012 season have been confirmed!

May 12-13
May 19-20
May 26-27
June 2-3
June 9-10

Closed Memorial Day
Theme weekends to be announced at a later date.

I know this may look like we're moving a weekend later, but that's just due to the vagaries of the calendar -- same as 2011, we open on the 19th Saturday of the year, Mother's Day weekend.

Lady Aldyth:
As for the theme weekends:

Read that we were one of 3 faires open in May last year (Tenn and Ken were others?) and that we all had pirate weekend on same dates. Might want to look into this.

I'm going to see if the wife wishes to come up for closing weekend. Will depend on weather. She would have to be okay with a 3.5 hour drive on way for us to go, but I am very interested!!!


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