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Austin ARRG- July 26th

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Queen Bonnie:
 I am going to be brave and have the July Austin Renn Rat Gathering ( ARRG) here at Meow Manor again. July 26 from Noon to 11PM.
 Bring- Chairs, Coolers, bathing suits, towels.
 Bring your own booze or beverage.  Food to share.
( I will need a table for food too- if someone has an extra they can bring. )

We will have Burgers and fixings on the grill- like last year.
Working on the Entertainment. So far we have William Toohey on the Irish Bagpipes! Spread the word! Pass the hat is fine.
Please sign up and let me know you are coming and what you will bring to share.
We need Salads,
 Finger food ,
 PLEASE only ONE cake this year! Last year we must have had 20 cakes!  They did not get eaten.
 No MSG. I am allergic to it. Or if you use it- let me know.
 This is an Adult party. Teens welcome - if I know them- and with parental supervision. 
 !!!***** PLEASE! No touching of any buttons in the house or garage. Last year someone fooled with the buttons and it froze up my electrical system for weeks.  No one knows how to fix the system I have.
I don't want the Nargle infestation of problems this year****!!!!!
No glass around the pool. It hurts to step on broken glass barefoot. Ouch!!!
 Smoking outside only please. I will have receptacles for butts.

 If you bring something and it is leftover- PLEASE take it home with you.
 *****We will also need more help with clean up this year.*****
 I will have trash cans. Empties belong there, Please?

 Join us in the fun. We will all lift a glass to Lord A. Maybe it will be cooler in July? LOL!

 Ideas and suggestions welcome!
 Sign up here.....

Queen Bonnie:
 Hey Molden! I have had many requests for more of your Yummy dragon eggs!

I know that I am not an Austin rennie, but if you'll have me, I plan to be at July's ARRG!

Still considering what I can make that'll be easy to put together the morning of at Cassidy and O'Riley's house.

I'm going to try to make it.... Gas might prevent me, but I'll definitely try!


--- Quote from: volans on June 16, 2008, 05:44:47 PM ---I'm going to try to make it.... Gas might prevent me, but I'll definitely try!

--- End quote ---
Sounds like we need a Houston area carpool. I have only room for one passenger in the faire van.


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