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What is in your Faire Parent bag?

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I'm a member of Flylady (an online system to help you get your life organized. I love it.)
Anyway one of the discussions that we had recently was what was in your "mom" bag? 
A mom bag is a bag you typically keep in the car that has items you might need while you are out and about with your kids 0-12 years. This way you are not carrying around the huge "bag of holding" where ever you go.

I've been building a 'parents' bag for when we go to faire.  That way we throw it into the stroller, or wagon, and keep our pouches free for our things.

Here is what I have so far.
1. Baby wipes - I don’t care how old you are these are handy for everything.
2.  Tide pen/ shout wipes- those gyros are yummy but messy
3. Extra set of diapers or undies for each kid, just in case
4. Anti rash cream. - Be it chafing or diaper rash, nice to have
5. Nail file and nippers
6. Basic medications- pain killers, allergy pills
7. Basic set of clothing for each kid – my neice had the bottom follow out of her paper cup when she was 7, and had to walk around all day in soda soaked clothing, hence why we have this even for older kids.
8. Packets of Gatorade – Usually can get water but not the gatorade
9. Snacks – just in case you have no cash and they are hungry
10.  Cash- Enough to fill your gas tank in a pinch
11. A notebook with all your emergency numbers in it, including towing, mechanic, as well as doctor’s information. 
12. Saftey pins- Many a time my tail has been saved by these things.

Anything I’m missing you think would be a good idea to go with it?  What is in yours that I am missing?

Lady De Rue Rue:
Band-Aids especially the colored ones, my daughter and her friends stop crying the minute they see a Fairy band-aid.
Neosporin (small packets)
Tissue - Allergies Runny Noses (3 small packs last a day at the faire)
Juice Boxes (I usually carry four - two for morning and two for afternoon)  One for our daughter and one for her friend.
Hand wipe 2 packages (last a day at the faire)

And everything else you have listed below.  You should be ready for anything!

Would be nice to have servant carry my basket as I walk around the faire with my daughter and husband. ;D

Rowan MacD:
   We usually take kids with us to faire.  Ours are grown; but there are plenty of relatives willing to supply younguns for a free day of entertainment.   
   ~Hand sanitizing wipes (in case the privies are out) HyVee sells them for 10 for a buck.
   ~Stick type applicator of SPF ludicrous sunscreen to dab on the top of the head where the hair parts.  I hate getting burnt there and I always forget to apply sunscreen to my head if I don't wear a hat.   The kids never wear hats for very long.   
   ~Spare hair elastics and bobbypins for when they find that hat they love and want to wear the rest of the day.
   ~A 'sting stick' for insect misadventures.
   ~kleenex, and those single trip camping packs of TP (found those at the army surplus store)  Handy for the stalls with no paper. 
  ~I will be adding those Neosporin dabbers to the bandaid stash. 

Rogue Hidesmith:
Spare pacifiers/teething rings if your rennlet is prone to losing them (as is mine)
Extra blanket for sudden cold or wet conditions
If still on bottle, an extra nipple or two stashed away somewhere

Bob of the Lake:
My kids are grown so all they require that I have in my Faire Parent bag is my wallet!  ;D


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