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What is in your Faire Parent bag?

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Betty Munro:
I use my linen underskirt as a handiwipe ... so all I carry in my faire parent bag is a few granola bars and tons of drink mix.  The first thing I do when arriving at a faire is to locate the water fountains, and bathrooms with running water ... the rest of our day circles around them.  I am soooo glad diapers days are over for my urchin.

Adriana Rose:
 extra money for rides thats for when they are bigger,
little pouch for fairy stones,
at least 3 changes of cloths (trust me you will think this is excessive but my kiddo went trough all 3 in one day between a leaky cup and an unfortunate diaper blowout it was no bueno)
, blanket for snuggling and one to put on the ground to play on
Umbrella those big arsed golf ones are nice but a pain in the arse too those little purse sized ones work great
toys just little ones that aren't the ones that the world would end if it gets lost so the precious teddy bear should stay in the car.
extra sippy cup, the cups at faire have no lids so use your imagination on that one
Bandaids! once the kiddo is mobile you will need those.

It seems like a ton but I was able to jam it all into a backpack no worries. Thank goodness my kiddo is big enough that all he needs is his little back pack with snacks,little water bottle, fairy stone pouch and of course the wooden sword


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I'm always taking with us:
- loads of wet wipes,
- snacks,
- sunscreen,
- diapers for the youngest,
- water,
- antypiretic medicine, just in case.


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