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Hello, I'm a recent culinary school grad looking for a cooking position at the faire. I'd like to get some experience with some real medieval style food if possible. Or, if anyone is interested in starting a food booth that serves awesome food, get a hold of me. Also, I would be willing to move if the faire is right and things will work out. It would be great to be able to work several faires in a row and be set for the year and travel to other faires in my off time. Thanks for looking.

Where are you located and would you be interested in a Renaissance themed restaurant that will be doing a weekly or bi-weekly diner theater show plus a Renaissance themed restaurant the rest of the week?  It is a year round gig, but if you wanted to do some work at the PA Renn Faire that is nearby we could work something out to accommodate that.

If you are interested, we could probably even work out a boarding room up in one of the 'castle' towers-

Here is my building/castle :)

The tower rooms would be the window right below the green copula's that are on the left and right towers.

My venue isn't a typical Renn faire, rather it is a 'Renn Faire in a Castle'- where people get all of the same fun elements and atmosphere that they would at a Renn Faire, but without having to walk a 35 acre plus fair ground.  Plus I will be open year round, no muck and mud...


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