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Does anyone have any suggestions of places to kip for the weekend? I don't need anything too fancy!

Specifically, has anyone ever stayed at or visited Chinook Resort and Marina?  I can't wait for faire!

Lady Amy of York:
There is  the Best Western Captain's  Quarters  in Oswego, and  also  the  Econo Lodge  Riverfront  in Oswego. Seeing how  i live  about an hour  and  a half  away   I have never stayed at either of them, but  they both got good reviews  in the local travel guides.     They are not cheap  though  !    start room cost i think was around $125.00  per night.

There is also a Day's Inn in Oswego, and they offer a complimentary breakfast, which looked pretty good {on the website} ;)

 I haven't stayed at this location in particular, but have stayed at many other Day's Inn locations across the country on vacations, and they're always clean and fairly reasonably priced.....sorry, I don't know anything about the Chinook Resort & Marina, but it sounds nice.

Good Luck, and here's to seeing you at Sterling this season!  :)

There is also a place called the "Scottish Inn"...just before the city of Oswego. I have stayed there and it isn't fancy, but comfortable. It is walking distance to some restaraunts. Not sure of the pricing now, but wasn't bad when I stayed there.
I stay at the Ramada, in Geneva at discount. It is good to have a brother who oversees it! ;D That is my splurge weekend!
Fulton has a hotel or two also. Not sure of the names.

We go camping on faire weekends instead of hotel-ing it.  There are some great ones all along Lake Ontario, and many offer cabins for super affordable rates if tents aren't your cup o' tea!   ;D


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