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I am attepting to find as many images of medieval falconers/falconry as I can-
Can anyone help me out?
I'm looking to recreate garb-

Falcons were flown by everyone, and the type of bird flown was determined by their rank.  Therefore, if you are "the Royal Falconer", your garb is going to be styled after that of the court, though perhaps of lesser decoration and more sturdy fabric.  Trews, shirt, jerkin, sturdy boots, appropriate hat.

Some of the professional Conservation groups come to the faires, and they wear a version of garb that is more or less correct.  The main difference is going to be the addition of your game bag and hawking glove.

I'd google "falconer + ren faire" and see the various images that come up from various faires.

here's one such, ,

Hope this helps,

Capt. Marga

All information is useful-just a matter of timing.

There's an article on Falconry in issue #52 of Renaissance Magazine. It mentions Book of Falconry by Jean de Franchieres and Art of hunting with hawks by Fredrick II. There's a few illustrations in the article.

got it-thanks!


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