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Could you provide the link to the local paper?   Or at least the name of the paper so a search can be made?

I did a Google search for the words "falconers" and "blueberries" and got a number of results. Unfortunately, all the articles seen to have gone to that far away archive in the sky. The photo montage from one was still online with an explanation for each of the seven photos. You can find it at,0,7947419.photogallery

The articles will show up, as of the date of this post, by using the cache link. However, I've found that those links will eventually expire.


--- Quote from: gem on September 27, 2008, 06:39:31 PM ---If the OP is still interested in period art, there's a book called THE ART OF MEDIEVAL HUNTING, by John Cummins, which is exactly what it sounds like (lots of hunting art).  It's out of print, but you can find it used on Amazon, AbeBooks, etc.  Or a library.  ;)

Also, medieval tapestries are great for hawking and hunt images.  A Google image search would bring up loads of hits.

--- End quote ---

Currently in my library-my beloved splurged and got the Fredrick the Second book for me

my thanks to all that have helped!

Sky Guard Falconry: Blueberry Farms Bird Control - Youtube video

"Falconers are a small but dedicated band of hunters in NJ" in "New Jersey Real-Time News" on

Link to New Jersey Falconry Club:


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