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Sorry to resurface an old topic but I just found yesterday that Kitty Tolson Carroll, a falconer who does demos on the circuit down here, has posted a very in-depth article about Falconry here on R/F. You can find it at "Falconry, Renaissance Style." She's included an extensive bibliography in it and the following item caught my eye. I've not seen the video but wondered if they might have period portrayals of falconers in appropriate dress. Thought I'd pass it along.

-----Falconry by Jacek Strek:  Highly recommended.   Produced with the non-falconer in mind.  Based on Frederick II’s book (1266).  Especially great for history buffs.

Escarleata.  Thanks for bringing the article to light.  There is the International Falconry Forum, the largest falconry discussion site in the world.  I'm a member and chat on it daily.  There was a thread on historic clothing with some excellent photos that someone had taken time to research. 

The 'Falconry' DVD by Jacek Strek is available from or  It was first aired at the North American Falconers' Association meet in 1997 and received a 10 minute standing ovation. So, I recommend it highly.  There are several historic re-enactor segments, featuring Polish, Medieval and Arabic falconers.  The cinematographer is an award winning professional who had done documentaries for National Geographic.

 There are also other modern themed videos sold as well.  With excellent action footage of the birds hunting game. 

The Peregrine Fund has the Achives of Falconry   LOTS of historic books and collections.   The P-fund as we call it and a network of falconer/breeders  are the group that brought the peregrine back from the brink of extinction. 

If the OP is still interested in period art, there's a book called THE ART OF MEDIEVAL HUNTING, by John Cummins, which is exactly what it sounds like (lots of hunting art).  It's out of print, but you can find it used on Amazon, AbeBooks, etc.  Or a library.  ;)

Also, medieval tapestries are great for hawking and hunt images.  A Google image search would bring up loads of hits.

There is another site which also has information on the history of falconry:  The International Association of Falconry

Former president Christian de Coune wrote a book called 'Falconry and Art' It is now out of print and has many paintings depicting falconry and art. 

It seems that falconry (of a sort) is making an interesting comeback here in the NorthEast - our local paper had an article on a New Jersey company that employs falconers to guard blueberry and strawberry fields.  Anybody who has tried to grow these berries in New England knows that the starlings will just strip the plants of any half'ripe berries before people can pick them, unless something can be done to stop them.  For comercial growers this is many thousands of dollars in losses.  Most farmers in my area enclose their fields completely in netting, but if that isn't practical, these falconers are seemingly the best form of 'scarecrow' to be had.  The falconer shows up at dawn with a half-dozen hawks, then keeps at least one in the air all day.  Apparently the falconers have managed to train the hawks to make threatening passes at the starling flocks, without singling out a individual bird to attack.   Few starlings are actually killed, but the flocks don't stick around long enough to figure this out.  Seems to work real well - the falconers get paid, the hawks get plenty of exercise,  the farmers get to keep their blueberries, and there are even fewer complaints from the neighbors, since the farmers aren't having to use those noisy propane cannons as scarecrows!


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