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Funniest Renn Songs YOU Have Heard?

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Needing some comic relief tonight. What are the funniest songs you have ever heard a Renaissance performer sing?
Even the ones that are so WRONG they are hilarious. ;D

Lady Kett:
Iris & Rose's version of Scotland the Brave:

Bring me some whiskey mother, I'm feeling frisky mother.
Bring me a sheep for I am lonely tonight.
I need a lover, mother.
No! Not my brother, mother!
I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night.

My FAVORITE song! :)

LOL, Iris and Rose, Old King Cole! :D
I also think The Moose Song and The Zucchini Song are funny. ;D

Bob of the Lake:
This is not really a Renn Song but it was definitely one of the funniest songs I heard this season at NYRF. One of the cast re-imagined "Greensleves" for Pub Sing. I split my sides laughing!

The Oklahoma Smoker Song . . .


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