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Wish Me Luck Entering A Competition at SCA June Crown!

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Okay wish me luck! I am entering a competition for our Silver Spoon that is Food with Flowers.

So instead of just making 1 single dish? I am doing an entire meal!  Each fit with the flower theme, I even have a Fine Spice to add to the Pate, that has Saffron within!

1st Dish

Salat with Herbes and Floweres

2nd Dish

Chicken Pate with Herbed Bread

3rd Dish

Fine Cakes with Rose Conserve and Cherry Conserve

Rose Soda

I hope it works out!!!

Cilean :D ;D :o

anne of oaktower:
Wow!  That sounds amazing!  Rose soda?!?  How on earth did you do that?

My family and I are still only in our first year in the SCA, and still trying to find our niche.  Sadly, we don't have as much time to devote to it as I would like, but still have lots of fun anyway.

Good luck in the competition!

I will wish you luck.  I also have a receipe for herb butter if you would like it.  Especially since I KNOW at every event honey butter abounds and this might make a sensation.

I would be interested in the rose soda info also. All sounds good actualy.

And good luck.


 ;D :D ;D :D

The Rose Soda is not carbonated but it is called Soda, it should be called Syrup!

There were 5 competitors and there and they brought their A game!

I was very happy to be called up to receive my first Wooden Spoon!

Here is the Recipe for 'Rose Soda'

Adapted from The 'Libre de Diversis Medicinis' in the Thornton
Manuscript (MS. Lincoln Cathedral, A.5.2

"Rose Syrup: Tak an vnce or twa of roses & sethe tham in water to
the ij partis be sothen in. Than clene it thurgh clathe & do suger
ther-to & sethe it to it be thikk as hony & vse as thu dose the tother."

Interpretation: Take an ounce or two of roses and seethe them
in twice as much water until they are soft. The strain them through cloth
and add sugar. Reduce it until it is the thickness of honey. The use it
as you do the other.

My Redaction:

½ Lbs Rose petals cleaned
4 cups water
½  lbs Sugar or ½ lbs Honey
2 tbs Rose water
Mint leaves (Garnish is optional)

In a saucepan place the water and the sugar on high heat for 20 minutes or until the sugar dissolves, then reduce the heat to medium.  Add petals and Rosewater, an lower your heat to a simmer for at least 60 minutes, or until the mixture is reduced by half.
Allow to cool and bottle.  You can add this to lemonade or to cold water to make a lovely drink.  You can garish with the mint leaf or you can place roses into the cup.


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