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MidWinter CARD Exchange 2011

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This is in conjunction to and apart from the MidWinter Exchange.
I am sure most people enjoy sending and receiving cards so here is your chance to show your fellow rennie some love this winter season.
Rules-no signing people up for weird newsletters, if you want to participate you have to provide the information. The card can be store bought, hand made or not even in traditional card shape.

If you would like to receive or send cards please provide the following in a pm to me. DO NOT post it here for everyone in the interverse to see.

1- Your Name-you can include your screen name just make sure you include enough of your real name that your mail carrier knows who to give it to.
2- a physical mailing address- doesn't have to be your home address but obviously a real address you actually receive mail at.
3- acknowledging that you give me permission to share your information with fellow board members who would like to send you a card. -Just write

Deadline for joining the list is November 23rd
I will send the list out to everyone involved by the 25th of November
that way you should have plenty of time to send the cards out by the first week of December.

Does that sound good??
If anyone has a suggestion or idea please share.

just wanted to bump this for the weekend so everyone sees it.

a bump for the weekend

I've got a question - If we send you a PM, will you be providing us a single name to send a card to (like the Gift Exchange), or the whole list of people to send cards to?

Take Care,
David Baldock

Evie McCann:
Got some cards! Can't wait!! ;D


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