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MidWinter CARD Exchange 2011

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I'm really glad I participated in the card exchange this year, and I've received some very nice cards already.

Auryn, Thanks for coordinating it!

Tomorrow is the last day I'll receive mail before I leave to go out of town for Christmas.  So, here's a "Thanks!" in advance for any cards that arrive between then and the 27th.

Take Care,
David Baldock

Evie McCann:
Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I have 6 college kids at my house all Christmas break, a grandmother with alzhiemers and my parents who come over frequently. I've been busy.  o_O

Anywho! Thanks everybody for the Christmas cards! Loved, loved, loved them!!! They are all taped to my wall around my grandfather clock and they all look so nice and fun!

Thanks Auryn for handling the Card exchange this year. It's been loads of fun. I hope we do it again next year!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas! Please have a safe and FUN New Year's!



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