Who's going?

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Well faire opens this coming weekend and I was wondering when you all plan on going. Looks like we'll be out there the 20th I believe.
Also do you day trip or camp? I've never camped at this one so not sure what it'd be like.

Captain Teague:
We are going to try. But as I had to pledge my firstborn to get several days for TRF, it may not come about. Day trip for us, around 4 hrs away.

I'll be there for the Thanksgiving/ 3 day weekend.will be hoteling it in Hammond.

You know, I live just a few hours away and have never been.  What a shame.  Heading to TRF for thanksgiving, how's closing weekend?

Jean Pierre Dewell:
I plan on going the week after I come back from TRF will be there on the 12 and 13th then next week will be there in Louisiana two fairs in one month! AWSOME LOL


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