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Scrapbooking our Faire Adventures

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I still hve a few weeks before I can take any new faire photos to scrap. :sigh:

I'm looking forward to taking new faire photos, but I'm STILL two years behind!  I wrapped up my third all-faire album last weekend.  I really need to take photos of the finished pages - sorry!

I will say that I'm addicted to the super-thick embossing glazes: clear (with colored inks, bronze, copper and gold.  I'm used them on some chipboard pieces and they look like metal bits.

Sadly, I've got a month to either figure out why my current camera is acting up, or figure out how to replace it!

I still don't have any faire pages for this year but here are a few that are garb or SCA related.

Love the "garb whore" layout...and title, sealion.
What size pictures are those?
I just got my first batch of pics from the printer, so hopefully I can start cropping this weekend...but I have more to order!!

The photos are 3.5" square. The layout is based on sketch #9 found here:


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