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Scrapbooking our Faire Adventures

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Huzzah! So glad to have some fellow scrappers here! Lady Joyce Anne, I have seen that line of paper and I own it! I worked on 2 pages this weekend...will post pics soon.
sealion, that's a beautiful page! And that is the paper I have.

Joyce "Delfinia DuSwallow" Howard:
Thats It!  DAHHHH- thats the one,Once upon a time. The papers are so pretty, theres a page for everything.

Susannah hope to see your work soon. :D

Sorry for the delay with my pages, Lady Joyce Ann...I just finished the last of them and took pics yesterday.
I've never taken pictures of my scrapbook pages's hard than it seemed it would be.
The first 2 pages are of Three Quarter Ale and Joni Minstrel, the second 2 pages are the Nickel Shakespeare Girls, and the final page is my handsome husband!! Enjoy!!

The title on the top left corner reads "There lived a handsome prince" with prince crossed out and pirate replacing's hard to read in my picture!

Okay scrappers! Let's revive this thread! Please share your pages.

Here's a collage spread of just a few of the many photos I took during my first visit to Bristol.


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