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Got a brochure on the Sterling faire in the mail today !

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Lady Amy of York:
  Has anyone  else  been mailed brochures  on the faire.  I thought it was  a nice touch ! :)  Anyway  the brochure goes on  to reassure us vetern patrons   that the faire is  still going  on  and that  it is under new  owenership, and  that they have strived  to make it better then ever.
  It  lists  some of the food  you can eat there,   the games, and  the  theme  weeknds.
   Then it goes on  to mention  that some of the same  old acts/ shows  are still there.    The joust, the singing nuns,  the  wench aunction, the pirates,  for  example.

 But then they said  they have added  several new  acts  and  shows  and  they listed  afew  and it looked pretty impressive  to me ! I have  to give  the new owner  and  management lots  of credit. Looks like thry are working hard  to keep Sterling going ! :)

 _  There is  an new aerial act  this  year
 _ There is  anew  celtic  music  group
 - a magician/storyteller  for  kids
 -   a swordfighting  group
 -  human statues

 looks  good  to me   ! Can't wait to check  it out !  Keeping fingers  crossed that it is as good  as  it sounds ! :)

Si i got my today also thou im glade there bring back living statues theyre always fun

Since this is a press release I suppose I can copy the information here.

I read the following press release which details the new acts.

There are a lot of new acts such as:

-Aerial Angels will perform in the open spaces and trees

-The Nature of Mercy performs highly energetic and interactive

-Magician Dave Rojahn as "Isaac Fawkes" will bring family friendly
comedy and magic

-Danny Lord does miming, juggling and magic

-Terry Fox as "Zilch the Torysteller" (Storyteller)

-Crannog with Celtic Music

-Minstrels of Mayhem with Celtic Music

-Manolete with Spanish Bolero Dancing and flashy fire act

-Wild Sky Productions with Falconry Shows

-Belly Dancing will do belly dances

-Also mentions that the BMP will do Shakespeare plays again.

Press Release (Dated May 2008) Below:

"Sterling Renaissance Festival
Phone: 1-800-879-4446
For Immediate Release
New Sights, Sounds and Sensations
Sterling, NY, May 2008 -- The Sterling Renaissance Festival celebrates its 32nd annual
season with many new and exciting changes. The opening of the Festival this summer
will be like no other in its history. New comedy, magic and stunning visual acts will not
want to be missed.
The new owner, Doug Waterbury, is dedicated and enthused to introduce a broader vision
and providing Gary Izzo, Creative Director, with the means to amp up the entertainment
program at the festival.
“Our goal is to bring fresh acts to the experience this season, as well as maintaining many
old time favorites” says Izzo.
“The Aerial Angels” will perform in the open spaces and trees with feats of grace,
beauty, and strength on the aerial hoop and silk through eye-catching acrobatics worthy
of the Cirque Du Sole. “The Nature of Mercy” performs a highly energetic and
interactive sword-fighting comedy that teaches children the power of honor and
Magician Dave Rojahn as “Isaac Fawkes” will bring family-friendly comedy and magic
to the new line-up. “Danny Lord” will stun audiences with his miming, juggling, magical,
and engagement of audiences through creative tactics. His act is reminiscent of Red
Skeleton and Buster Keaton, only twisted. Terry Foy as “Zilch the Torysteller” will leave
adults in stitches with his Spoonerisms and stories.
Music will get a boost this season with the addition of bands like “Crannog”, “Minstrels
of Mayhem” and many others, who mix period music with an upbeat Celtic style.
There are other new and exciting features that Mr. Izzo is rather hush-hush about, hoping
to surprise audiences with happenings of the unexpected. “A sense of discovery and
wonder is an important part of what we offer to our patrons,” says Izzo.
15385 Farden Road, Sterling, New York 13156
Email: Web address:
Some favorites from years past will return as well…. Women will swoon over dashing
Spanish bolero dancer “Manolete”, who will leave audiences in awe with his flashy fire
act. Falconry shows will return to the site with “Wild Sky Production’s” free-flighted
birds of prey presentations, and Belly Dancing will make an alluring return to festival
Shakespeare plays will return with productions of “Twelfth Night”, “Taming of the
Shrew” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from the newly expanded members of the
professional acting troupe, Bless the Mark Players, who also portray the townsfolk of the
faire and provide interactive scenarios and unscheduled street antics that are the
cornerstone to the festival’s artistic success.
The Festival welcomes patrons of all ages and ensures there is fun for everyone…. Just
bring your imagination and we will take care of the rest!
The Sterling Renaissance Festival is a 35-acre site, located in Sterling, New York, along
the cool shores of Lake Ontario, between Oswego and Fair Haven. Festival dates are
Saturdays and Sundays only, July 12 through August 17, 10:30am to 7pm, rain or shine.
Free parking is available. Sorry, no pets or weaponry allowed. For the purchase of
discount tickets and upcoming events, along with comprehensive Festival information,
driving directions and important notices regarding Special Events, visit the completely
redesigned website at:"



i LOVE Danny Lord...he is at my homefaire in Tuxedo. if you have never seen him, GO to his show! Hilarious! Very unique. LF

Lady Amy of York:
Sounds like a good  season ahead.   Me  best get there early on the  days  i  am going,  for  sounds like  there is  alot to see and  do thsi year !
     Making  list :
                        -meet up with friends :)
                         - flirt with handsome  gentlemen  friends ;D ;)
                         - go looking for cute  guys  with  lady  friends  ;D ;)
                       -  watch  shows
                        - shop :)
                       - look  for handsome  knights  or kilted lads with lady  friends ;D ;)
                        - tavern ;D
                         -have some handsome gentleman buy us ladies  a drink ; ;D
                         - oh yea...find  my husband  and  young son.. ;D ;D :o ::)

   Need i say more ! ;D




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