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"The Adventurer's Handbook" from the Lords of Adventure
« on: December 03, 2011, 11:26:09 PM »
The Lords of Adventure (aka TJ Miller and John Williams of the PA Ren Faire and others, and founders of the New Jersey Ren Faire) have released an extended copy of their first book, The Adventurer's Handbook. Their act is a lot of comedy stage combat, but the philosophy behind it and this book is anything but. The pair of them as people are truly inspirational and the book is definitely full of words-to-live-by. Here is a message from TJ that he posted on a PaRF message board:

Hey everybody,

Your friendly neighborhood Lords of Adventure here.  Not sure if you know but we wrote a book.  We have put out an expanded version of our Adventurer's Handbook, a guide to living the life of an adventurer and being a hero in today's world.  We are trying really hard to bring something positive to the world and it would really help us out if you would pick up a book.  You can get them in paperback or on kindle online.  A dollar from the sale of each book goes to support the RAINN foundation for the victims of sexual abuse.

Even though we are quite silly most of the time, we take making people happy and helping people to live epic lives filled with joy very very seriously.  This is a serious book with a lot of the ideas and philosophy that John and i have discovered over the many years we have been in this adventure called life.  A lot of those lessons were learned at the PA Ren Faire and with the help of many of you here.  So, if you can, help us out and get a book and support a worthy cause.  You can also join our Adventurer's Guild if you would like, details are in the book.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome winter.

TJ Miller and John Williams (Roger Awesome and Jack Bold)

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Kindle version on


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