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Silverleaf Renaissance Festival: CLOSING the Doors

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Lady Kathleen of Olmsted:

This announcement states that the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival is no more.

I am sorry for the Rennies in the Battle Creek, Michigan area who look and enjoy this festival as a run up to the Michigan Festival. Keep us in touch as to any other information comes your way.

The announcement says nothong as to the reason behind the closure. I do know the political atmosphere in Michigan is not very good and towns are being taken over by appointees of the Governor.

I hope this does not interfere with the upcoming 2012 season for the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Merlin the Elder:
I hate to see any faire fail. This is sad, indeed.

Queen Genevieve:
As "Queen Genevieve of Silverleaf" I can honestly say that I loved the time I was at Silverleaf.  It is very sad that this faire is closing.  I know it isn't the biggest, or historically accurate, yet, I was approached and thanked by a number of people each day for being there and being approachable.  I was truly blessed, to have been able to meet so many great people.

Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman:
Sad to see Silverleaf go, but no, this has no effect on the Michigan Renaissance Festival, or on Mayfaire renaissance Festival.

Like Merlin said it's sad when any faire closes.


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