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Capt. Morgan:

Lovely...simply F-ing lovley....


As the song goes "Let us drink and be merry, all grief to refrain, for we may and might never all be here again..."

I hope that's not true...I hope to see many of my RF friends at GLMF this year! I hope!

Merlin the Elder:
It seems I read something about this township quite some time ago, and got the distinct impression that some of the locals were convinced that there was some serious "witchcrafting" going on there. In this day and age, it stuns me to imagine that there are still people around that are that backward—and uninformed—about Wicca, and so much so that they use it as leverage to destroy something they don't realize is a benefit to them.

Especially with the economy in the shape it's in, you would think that a town would be thrilled to have something going on that brought in substantial revenue, in both the tax coffers, and the local economy in general. I hope they (GLMF) survives this.

Rowan MacD:

I will admit to never having visited the area personally, but if the description is correct, the faire probably brings in more than 30% of the annual business income.  Per the website, the township  has a population of a little over 1400 souls, all of which are rural.   If the faire goes away, the town might just disappear.
  Unfortunately, petty tyrants are all too common in small jurisdictions like this.  My town has a population of 14,000 + and we still get the occasional closet bigot in office (though to our credit, we quickly purge him/her).  In a town as tiny as Trumbell Township, there are probably few that care enough or have the desire to run the town, and there is always the risk that someone with a personal agenda will fill the vacuum.   If most of the residents are elderly, retired or otherwise don't care about the faire either way, this guy/group can use the town coffers anyway they want, even to the detriment of the local economy.   It is doubtful the locals will do anything about it, if they even know what is happening around them.   

Capt. Morgan:
Oh, they know what's happening, and how much the Trustee's have spent trying to get rid of the Faire...and they still vote these guys back in even tho' they had new candidates running last year. The (powerful) few are ruling and they do not like the Faire or the owner...

Merlin the Elder:
Do you live in the area, Captain?  Perhaps you should run for office.


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