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Mystery of Leonardo's La Bella Principessa

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Anna Iram:
...or Young Girl in Profile in Renaissance Dress.

I had the chance to see Nova's Mystery of a Masterpiece last night. If you haven't seen this or are unaware of the controvery over this beautiful drawing I highly recommend you watch the vid

Here's some of the back history in case you cannot acess the video, though the article does not mention one of the more exciting finds regarding this work of art.  Call me a romantic, but I'll be so sad if one day this is deemed to be not DaVinci's work.

I don't think the experts will agree conclusively one way or the other.
But I'd like to think that it's Leonardo's work.

I heard a little more about this one. Some experts believe that it is the missing page from a book of the Sforza family. If it matches that would argue for Da Vinci's authorship quite strongly.

Anna Iram:
 That's the exciting find I was alluding too!  The way they came about this discovery is in the video,  if you can acess it. In a nutshell the vellum has three evenly spaced holes along one side and what looks like a knife mark. They were led to a book of the family made at the time of Leonardo's engagement with the Storza. Though the book has been rebound with two added holes, the page fits perfectly where it is clear one of the vellum pages had been cut out. Exciting to watch this unfold. :)

Rowan MacD:
  Has there been speculation that the Bella Principessa could be this lady? Seems likely.

  She was the wife of DaVinci's Sforza patron 'El Moro'.
  Young, beautiful and vibrant at her marriage at age 15; she died at 22 after giving birth to a stillborn son.


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