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Opening day, folks?

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iain robb:
Anyone else planning to be at the Bay Area opening Saturday? My wife and I are. It'll be weekend three of our three-weekend HMF, FLARF and BARF fest.

Captain Teague:

--- Quote from: iain robb on January 30, 2012, 02:22:49 PM ---FLARF and BARF fest.

--- End quote ---

Hmmmm.....not sure how I feel about that one.  ;D

We are spoken for for opening weekend. But we certainly will try to attend at least one weekend as this is one of our favorite Faires.  ;D

Esperanza McDaniels:
A FB event page was created if that will help you at all.

iain robb:
Ah, but I'm really me on Facebook ... and it looks like just about everyone else is too, from the looks of that page. Who are those people with all those strange names?

Join the tailgate, Iain! It's never the same without you two! :)


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