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Hello there!  I am being sent to Pittsburgh for training at work starting Feb 27th through March 2nd.  Anyone have recommendations for places to eat or things I might try to squeeze in my couple off evening hours?   Anyone ever wanted to meet a fellow Rennie from Alabama!  Any M'Cracks in the area?  Let me know!
Thank you!  Amy

Rogue Hidesmith:
Sheetz is the go-to convenience store if you run into one. Always clean and the food is good. If you are able to, check out primanti brothers. They're the ones with giant pastrami-and-french-fry sandwiches

Also, the Carnegie Museums are really nice. They recently redid the entire dinosaur exhibit and it's just fantastic now.

Amy where exactly are you staying in Pittsburgh?  If I know that, I can direct you to some fun things. 


Oooooo Pastriami!!!   I am a Clevelander transplanted to Alabama, so I miss a good deli!

I am going to be staying at the Sprng Hill Suites on Federal Street.  I assume that is downtown.  Thanks for the tips!

Amy you will be on the "North Shore" of Pittsburgh which is home to PNC Park, Heinz Field, Stage AE and the Carnegie Science Center.  You will be a short ride (across the Allegheny River) from Downtown as well.  Will you have a car or rely on public transportation?

So what are you looking to do in the evening hours that you have?  Sightseeing?  Shopping?  Dining?  Partying?  Let me know and I can make suggestions.

Also the end of February/beginning of March is our dead of winter.  Plan on cold weather, but you already know that if you've lived in Cleveland.



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