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sooo. unless a fairy comes by with money


We won't be attending the faire as planned. We have had to replace a water heater, hire a plumber, get the fridge repaired, new tires for the car! all in the last few weeks....and with the GAS being so ridiculous, we really have to cut back..

soo..if anyone knows a generous fairy giving away some moolah..could you send him our way? :)

Will be there in faire spirit though...LF

Lady Amy of York:
We will miss  you sis , but know  you will be  with us  in spirit ! 

And if you find  a money fairy,  let me know  where  ! :) ;)  my budget is  tight too this  year.    We also debated about going  this  year but i decided after  everything i went through this past year  with my surgerry, etc..i deserved  to go to faire ! :)

Hugs and love.

You absolutely DO! Go and enjoy! I will for sure pass along the moolah fairy, if he/she ever comes by! :)


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