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Hello all,

I am looking for a recommendation of another faire in driving distance from Pittsburgh to visit this year.   Preferably, the faire would run early in the year, like spring.  I would prefer not to attempt to visit another  faire during Pittsburgh's weekends.  I have a small group of revelers saving their dollars to make an overnighter somewhere.

So far as i can see, my choices are Wild Rose, GLMF and Virgina Medieval Faire.  Has anybody attended any of these?  If so, would you recommend them and is alcohol peritted?  Do any support camping or are near lodging?

I just didnt get enough ren faire last year and I aim to visit another faire this year.

Thanks in advance.

Loxley,  what about PARF?  It's about 3 1/2 hours drive straight out the turnpike from Pittsburgh.  Accommodations are close to faire.  I haven't been there in a few years, but it's worth the drive.


Rogue Hidesmith:
I went to GLMF several years ago and had a really great time. Its actually somewhat similar to Pittsburgh in that it's heavily wooded. I believe it was a converted boy scout camp. I remember it being mostly flat though as opposed to PiRF's rocky and hilly terrain. They also allowed dogs at the time, though I'm not sure if that is still allowed.


 I have been to PARF.  I do enjoy it, but the season runs concurrent with Pittsburgh.  I am looking for something earlier in the year like May or June.


Do you know if camping and alcohol are permitted there?


Loxley, link to GLMF website.  You also may want to post an inquiry on the GLMF forum.

I've never been to GLMF but several of my friends have and they enjoy it very much.  I was thinking PARF because is runs through October which is after PRF.  I hope you find something!!



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