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What Are The Family-Friendly Faires In Your State?

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Oklahoma used to have the most family-friendly faire in Bristow.  The King Arthur Faire was not commercialized.  Its last year was 2006.  I cannot remember a rude or risque act in all of the years I attended it.

For a few years afterwards, Tulsa's City/County Library System had a Renfaire at one of its libraries that was geared towards children.

What current family-friendly Renfaires are going on across this great nation?

Merlin the Elder:
Are you looking for 100% family-friendly?  All the faires I've been to have been 95% family friendly, but personally, I wouldn't go to one that was 100%.  I don't have children anymore.

Anna Iram:
I wouldn't say any of our faires here in Florida are geared toward children, but some have more child friendly elements than others. Family friendly to me means something for all in the family, so a mix of bawdy for adults and humor thd kids won't get and a few shows and games for kids. Personally, I like the mix. Wouldn't want to attend a faire that is overly "adult" and would definitly not enjoy a "geared towards children" kind of faire.

The Rabbi:
Spirit of Magic is very family friendly with no true bawdy acts we leave that up to our guest and the lanes. Not to say that some of these do not get a bit risque but always mindful of small ears. sorry folks I dont see dropping the F-Bomb to be a requirement for entertainment. I am sure that as we grow and spread out a bit more that there will be more bawdy acts but more along the lines of insinuation then anything else. While we do not serve alchaholic beverages we do not check your flask and it is a safebet that after hours there will be a bit of Irish to be found.

Merlin the Elder:
While I'm a proponent for the F-bomb in certain circumstances, and in certain groups, faire is neither.  I would be more than happy to assist in the removal of a drunken (or sober) patron on an F-bombing run, whether there were children about or not. It's just not necessary.

Anna's assessment is spot-on. If it's too adult, the innocence that is faire (to me, at least) is lost. But, believe me, what is bawdy to one person, may be absolutely nothing to another.  That difference has reared its ugly head on this board from time-to-time, and no clear distinction has been offered.  There is also the issue of alcohol on-site. Some would find that to be non-family-friendly in and of itself, sometimes based on religious convictions, sometimes for other personal reasons.

So I guess my question remains, Craigmeister: What do you consider family-friendly?


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