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What Are The Family-Friendly Faires In Your State?

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The Rabbi:
Well put Merlin: We each have our own perception of bawdy as we do alchahol so this is truly a tough question to answer. I try to be as nuetral as possable as I have been guilty of most indiscretions at one time or another and from time to time now as well. That being said I agree wholeheartedly fair is not the place for an F bomb run nor is being drunk heavy drinking should stay in camp and in an area which is what others choose to do. we are each responsable for whom we keep company with and should respect others wishes as they should ours as well. Me Ill take the group with a social drink and hearty conversation over puking my guts up the next morning been there done that.

Merlin the Elder:
Hehheh! Yeah... Had those Puke-Fests back in the 12th century while I was still young. That was some awful grog! I can't do that anymore...  I'm a peaceful drinker. I just sit there with a stupid look on my face....  ::)

Let's say a "PG" rated faire.  It seems that a little bawdiness is hard to avoid at a Renfaire these days.  Alcohol doesn't bother me at a faire as long as someone hasn't had way too much.  I'm far from being a kid anymore and don't have any of my own.  If I'm at a faire that has lots of acts that are constantly delivering innuendos or being downright "R" rated, I will find another faire to attend.

That being said, I wouldn't want to be at a children's faire that would feel like I'm hanging around a kindergarten class.  Tulsa' library faire had lots of kids' activities inside but they balanced it w/ SCA fighting and comedic sword fighting by the Twisted Blades outside.

Merlin the Elder:
There is a 2-day faire in Fayetteville, AR, but I've not attended. It's recently been reorganized, as I understand it. Previous analyses of that faire were not favourable, but hopefully under new management, they will flourish. It's the only faire that I know of in Arkansas.  Due to other commitments this spring, I won't be able to attend, but I also understand that they plan a fall faire as well.

The faires I attended last year were all family friendly: Scarborough (TX), Sherwood Forest (TX), The Castle (OKRF), and Colorado RF.

While at OKRF, there was an inebriated woman who was getting a bit "friendly" with Archer and me until Archer's better half walked up and put her arm around him. It was a brilliant, and peaceful defusing of the situation by the missus. I don't know about Archer, but I was very uncomfortable, and unsure how to handle it. Isolated cases occur. It didn't alter my good opinion of OKRF at all.

The Fayetteville, AR "Renaissance & Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks" is indeed family friendly.  I would rate it as "G" or "PG".  That may be due to so many vendors being part of a stamping scavenger hunt to bring families through their tents.  It has changed owners beginning in 2010 and has been revitalized.  I'll be setting up my Meister's Realm tent there again this spring & probably this fall.


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