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School of the Musketeer, 2012, North in Philly this time.


School of the Musketeer, 2012, North in Philly

There will be a "School of the Musketeer" by the reenacting group, the Kingdom of Lucerne, covering 1580 through 1650, held at Fort Mifflin, PA, just outside Philidelphia April 21-22 2012.

Students will learn to fire a matchlock, crew and fire a cannon, handle a pike, and swing a sword, with blunts, of course. Ok, that last one may be "teaching ones grandmother to suck eggs" type thing, but the rest is unusual.

Civilian classes are to be announced, but have included in the past period games, medicine, and writings.
Period food is provided, $30 for pre-registration for the weekend, including meals. $20 for just one day, meals still included.

For more details (and there are lots of them) and registration information see

Registration must be received  by March 31, 2012 in order to participate in the food plan.


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