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Bonny Pearl:
I didn't see any current posts about fairy headwear so I thought I'd start this one.

What type of fae headdress do you all like to wear?

This is my newest project.  I'd say it is about 95% complete.  There are a few other little things I want to add. :)

There are more detail pics on the fabrication on my Facebook page.

On ebay there is a seller named KCfaery or kcfairy that makes and sells some of the most beautiful crowns I've ever had the pleasure to see and wear.  Her prices are very reasonable too :)


Bonny Pearl:
I looked on ebay but nothing was listed.  This was my first attempt at something like this and I had a lot of fun making it.

Beautiful crown and I love the color too

Lady Gryphon:
Beautifully done Bonnie Pearl.  It's always nice wearing one of your own creations.  Then you know it's truly one of a kind.


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