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Bonny Pearl:
Thank you ladies!  It was fun.  Starting on my wings soon.  Found all the materials in the colors I want so I am excited about that too. :)

Bonny I am currently in Faery craft hell lol... also known as making wings.

Bonny Pearl:
I know what you mean!  I was not happy with my first attempt with the cello-paper.  So I am going to try a different application, just waiting for the materials to be delivered.  Was hoping I would have it this weekend, but no such luck.  So Guinny and I made gumbo and drank lots of beer instead lol! ;D

Well I seem to have SOME kind of system figured out if you need help lol. I'm not real sure what I do.... I don't have very transparent wings but I can get the color I am shooting for typically.

Bonny Pearl:
I ordered a material called Angelina Fiber.  It bonds like the cello does with an iron but you have more flexibility with it because it is in shredded form; so you can blend colors within the wing.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it will do what I want.


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