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Got my tickets today!

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How's that for fast?  I just have to thank Ratman and Bobbin again.... such a score and some verra clever sleuthing on their part....

If you haven't bought yours, remember the 2/1 promotion ends Sun the 29th...

And, if you are a gamblin man... though the promo says they are good opening weekend only... the tickets I am holding in my hand say "good any day faire is open" -

Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
Didn't you need a code to get the 2/1?

Yes, and techno-challenged me is trying to YIM you with it... sigh.... sorry, check your PM

Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
Got it, thanks!   ;D

We got our tickets yesterday as well! Speedy! I can taste the Smithwick's already!


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