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M'Crack Invasion of The Festival of Legends


The Clan M'Crack will be invading the Festival of Legends on April 22nd, 2012

Please join us as we venture out to Chapel Hill, NC to investigate the Festival Of Legends as a potential home faire for Clan Boru. Storybook Farm, One Storybook Lane, Chapel Hill, NC Tickets $12 adult $6 child We are considering this a mini-invasion so please don your M'Crack colors and bring the fan fare too. Gates open at 10 am. Pub is the Green Man Brewery.

I was wondering if anyone was going to post about the Festival of Legends.  I'm planning to be there, just trying to decide what to wear since my gear is pirate and this is more of legends and mythical creatures according to their site.  ??? 

Village Idiots - Kevin:
The Village Idiots are going to be there!

As for pirate gear, I say don it! :)

I'd say pirates will fit right in, as there's a "Pirate Kissing Boof"  ;)
Sounds like this will be a fun time

Thanks to everyone who came out we had about 15 M'Cracks brave the rain and I spotted a few R/F's in the mix too!
Hope they come back next year. It's a great site and had amazing musical acts. Early reports say they sold about 300 tickets on Saturday when it had nicer weather. Keep in mind it's a Cash Only faire once you go through the gates. They can't get an ATM machine out there with next to none cell reception. Thanks again everyone it was a lovely faire.


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