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Skivee's Pirate Royal Band Spring announcements
« on: March 31, 2012, 07:21:52 PM »
For release March 32, 2012

Our newest album, “Serious Historic Music of the Arduous Daily Life of the Tudor Era Sailor” will be released in a few weeks as soon as we solve a few pitch correction issues with the lute tracks. “When Henry Was A Boy”, “Low Tide Doxey (sic)”, “The Boatman's Revenge”, and “On Top Of Old Smokey” are just a few of the toe-tapping crowd-pleasers from this latest offering. We are hoping that it will outsell previous recordings

I apologize for the emotional tone of many of the remaining items in the announcement, but this time, it's personal.

Our hard work to make Pabst Blue Ribbon the official beer of the Marieland Rennaisance Fairstival- MDRF, has come to naught. This would make our previous name change to Pirate Band Royal- PBR*- simply confusing. Therefore The Pirate Royal Band, (previously known as the Pirate Band Royal, the Pirates Royal, and The Pyrates Royale), will be returning to the name we have proudly used throughout the 2009 season, The Pirate Royal Band.
The re-branding becomes effective immediately, but correspondence may still reflect the old name as the office uses up the last of our previous letterhead stock.

We are shocked to announce that the Pirate Royal Band will be appearing at the festival for only three and 1/2 weekend this year; the second weekend, Seniors weekend and Labor Day weekend, as well as 9-2:30 of Oktoberfest weekend Saturday only.|

It seems that we are to be replaced for the weekend by a new trio of young men, The O'Danny Boys. According to their website “Plunge, Groper, and Spew O'Danny perform traditional songs of intercourse and debauchery.” The idea that our serious historic music of the arduous daily life of the Tudor era sailor sea is being replaced by a smutty act like this is simply beyond our comprehension.
In response to the amended schedule we will probably playing a few gorilla theater performances under a tarp strung between a couple of those big RVs at the north end of the parking lot for pirate weekend.
We would also suggest that you call the office to let them know how you feel at 1-800-555-1212. If enough of our fan complain we will surely show those hateful dinks who really runs that show!
In more pleasant news MDRF will be offering some new interesting foods this year to replace the disappointing reception that the cold Quinoa on a stake and Pork/Tapioca Pudding on a stake garnered last year.
The new food selection-, slowly braised ox-tail, caramelized onion,herbs, roasted garlic, in a crisp wonton wrapper w/ a sweet-heat mignonette & blue cheese aioli- will be served on a stake.

His majesty's Lawn Darts booth will not be returning due to the unfortunate event of the final weekend last year. This is in spite of the fact that the victim continues to make progress with his cognitive therapy. They will be replaced by the new His Majesty's Drunken Wave Pool. That's going to be a welcome respite during the humid season. Bring The Kids!

LJ Skivee
PRB PR Director
2153East Sugbury Rd.,
Shropshire, Lancaster
UK L31B54A

* We also had some problems with patrons confusing the acronym with the the Professional Bull Riders association

_ A legal reminder that Pirate Royal Band, Pirate Band Royal, Pirates Royal, Pyrates Royale, Kodachrome, Pepsi, and Chevrolet are all trademarks of the PBR corporation.


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