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Utah renaissance faire

Started by Lady Rosaline, April 11, 2012, 07:53:43 PM

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Lady Rosaline

 Not sure if I posted this in the right area or not. Please feel free to move it if not.  Any one know anything about this faire? Can't seem to find much info on it.
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I've been lurking here off and on for some time, but this is my first post.  Anyhow, I go the Utah Renaissance Faire every year.  It's small, but I enjoy it. What do you want to know? It's held just outside Ogden during the first 3 weekends in May.  They also have a Pirate Festival in September.  Here is their website:
The site was down for a while for construction, but it's back up now. 


The Utah Renaissance Faire & Fantasy Festival is held the first three weekends in May, Friday through Sunday. This is the last weekend of the faire. I have a newly formed guild called the House of Tudor (charter pending) and it has been a really great run! I play Good Queen Bess for the guild, we have a Henry VIII, his six wives, Robert Dudley, Mary Tudor, William Shakespeare, and many more. You can see pictures on my dear friend Rudy's flicker page.


Great pictures.  Perhaps I'll see you there this weekend.  :)


Anyone going this year from the forums?  My husband and I may make the drive from Boise if our schedule's allow and would love to meet fellow faire-goers!  How small is small?  I see that they have a knights tournie this year.  It's only a 5 hr drive for us so not a total hardship to make it over for the weekend.  But if we're talking a faire with one "road" of vendors and events thennnnnn...
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Prima- yes, the faire is just one road (it's a long winding road, but still).  The entertainment is good- the Knights of Mayhem come to joust, and the gymnastics on horse back is fun to watch.  But to be honest, I don't think it would be worth making a 5 hour drive. 


HHHmmmm, maybe we can turn it into a weekend trip down there.   It would be nice to meet some more (semi) locals!  Any suggestions for other fun activities for the rest of the weekend.  I've only been to SLC area once for work.
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Other fun stuff in the area includes an amusement park called Lagoon
and Hogle Zoo

Due to recent changes at work, I'm not sure which weekend I'll be able to go, but if we're there at the same time maybe we could meet up for lunch.   
The thought occurs to me that we might me talking about two different events- There's the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire in Mariott-Slaterville that runs the first 3 weekends in May (they've been having trouble with their website, so if the link doesn't work try typing in the address without the www)
And there is also the brand new Utah Valley Renaissance Faire coming up in September.


oooh I didn't think about going to the zoo.  I may have some connections there!  Nissa we were planning on gong to the Utah Ren Fest in May but may be convinced to go to the Sept Utah Valley one if we're in town.  We're trying to get as many ren fests in this year as we may be tied down to Idaho next year.  We would LOVE to meet up with you! If you find out what weekend you're going to be at the ren fest- message or post it and we'll try to make it down then.  Since we're diving our plans are fairly flexible :)
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Actually, the way things are looking, I might not find out which day I'm going  until that day- so don't make plans around me.  :)


Looks like we will be heading down this weekend barring any unforeseen circumstances :)
(update)  Hotel has been booked and we will be attending Saturday for sure...Sunday's open for a second visit
"I aim to misbehave" ~Malcolm Reynolds


Sadly they were closed on Saturday (5/18/13) due to the rain.  We did enjoy ourselves braving the mud on Sunday though!

I had to pull out my ye old cell phone to snap a quick picture. 


Yikes! I heard about that mud from a friend who was working at the SCA booth. 
I'm glad you had fun.  I didn't make it this year though; I was going to try to go on Saturday, but as was mentioned, they were closed (and Sun day wasn't an option for me).   :'(