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It's almost time for the gates to open.
How many of you are as excited as me?
This will be my 5Th season as a vendor this year and have some things in the works.

Capt Lucy:
I'm excited to see everyone but not so excited that it will be my LAST season and I'll be saying goodbye...  :-\

April and I are pretty excited, I just hope that the heat stays away, this year has been way warmer than normal, and although MOST people like searing heat for ren festivals, we don't really, but we're going to try and make it opening weekend and again when Dr Kaboom is scheduled.

Capt Lucy.. are you leaving all ren festivals or just the Kentucky one?... never had a chance to meet you, although if you were at the Tennessee festival the weekend after the flooding I might have seen you but with my eyes it might have been someone who looks like a blurry you. In either case, hate to see you go.

Capt Lucy:
Oh just leaving Kentucky!  :)  I'll be going back to my old stomping ground at King Richard's Faire in MA! :D  I'll be in TN next weekend though!

Ahhh ok, good to hear. Doubt I'll make any long trips this year, had to help my daughter and son-in-law move to Minnesota, so that drained the ol' trip budget for this season, although I'll make the Ky Renfest and the Ohio Renfest this year as both are close. Going to make sure I visit the kids in Minnesota during the MN festival, so I can kill two birds with one stone. haha... they told me "we know WHY you're going to visit us in September, Dad, you're not fooling anybody"  ::)


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