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The Pirate Festival

Started by Orphena, July 23, 2012, 01:07:29 PM

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Ahoy there you scurvy bilge rats! (And to those of you less scurvy and bilgey too!)

I do not know how often this board is frequented, but on the off chance, I thought I would remind people that the 5th annual Pirate Festival is scheduled for August 4th, 5th, and 6th 2012 at Country Heritage Park in Milton. Gates are open from 10 am to 6pm, with an extended evening on Saturday night only, when the Pirates host a Captain's Keg Party until 11 at night!

5 stages of entertainment, including a mud stage! Live music, grog and grub at the tavern, lots of opportunity to interact with the Pirates and the Villagers of Dry Bluffs. For more information, check out the newly redesigned website ! I am also writing a blog about the festival which will help you learn even more!

New this year are a kid's treasure hunt, and a photo scavenger hunt - solve clues to find answers!

Pirates, Ladies, Rennies, Steampunks, Re Enactors and others are all welcome! Spread the word!

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Was there on Monday and had a great time.  Had my good buddy Sparky with me.  Yup, two dragons for the price of one!  Though my handler wasn't feeling very well and couldn't join us there.  Sparky got asked to play the role of Firedoe for a story telling there which was awesome!  He did a great job too!  I'll have to figure a way so you all can see his performance that I got on video.


During the Pirate Festival my good buddy Sparky got asked to perform as Firedoe.  I managed to get a video of it and he did great!  The kids loved him!

Sparky performing as Firedoe at Pirate Fest in Milton, Ontario