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2012 Annual M'Crack KYRF Gathering Info

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Looking forward once again to seeing everyone in Kentucky!

I am really looking forward to this year!!! Really ready to see a huge group of family in one place!   So are we meeting and greeting on Friday night?  I am wondering if I can make it up in time.

Capt Lucy:
Oh yeah we are doing the Friday night thing.  Not sure where yet though.  Looks like it's going to have to be somewhere in Louisville due to no one selling Guinness (the nerve!)

I love your priorities my dear!    Thank you!    :-*

Quick intro from Texas:

I am Scott Roland outside the walls.... "Merlin Gunn of Caithness" inside the walls and recently became a PET by the name of Pic'n M'Crack because I take lots of pictures at renaissance faires.

My sponsor is Wine'n M'Crack who is married to the very distinguished Fist'n M'Crack.

If PETs are allowed here... I will do my best to get off and make this event. I work as a firefighter and getting days off isn't easy on short notice.

I hope to meet many of you soon...either in Kentucky or TRF this season.


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