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making horns with hardening foam

Started by kala83, June 03, 2012, 10:33:17 PM

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I bought a pair of horns today that was made of this stuff and I was trying to dig up tutorials on how to do this when I did find some of but I am doubtful if the horns I have had to have this much extensive work done on them.

I thought I had seen somewhere that there was either some type of very light clay or foam that you can shape into a shape leave out to dry and it stays in that shape...but I can't remember for sure.

anyway if anyone could help me out with this would love to make some horns of my own in my spare time

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I personally have not done this but know two ladies and several kids which do so on a regular basis. They utilize the air dry clay found at wal-mart. This allows them to paint and add baubbles as desired and they truly are not that heavy. Some they use elastic ribbon and cord to hold in place and they also have some that are held in place with spirit gum. They tried the paper mache mulch stuff but found it too time consuming to achieve the desired result. Hope this helps you in some way.
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Rowan MacD

   Sculpy is an air hardening clay, not sure how heavy it is once dry.  You can get it at Walmart and Hobby Lobby as well as Micheals.  Once dry it is just like baked clay with little, if any shrinkage. It is available in generic brands, and a few different colors too.
   If you want to try to make a mold of the desired horn from that rubbery, instant setting alginate stuff (also available at hobby lobby, etc. (originally used to make dental impressions, but also used to make baby hand prints and foot molds for plaster casts), perhaps you could spray the hardening foam into that to make light weight horns....Never tried it....
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Unless they've changed the formula (they very well might have, it's been YEARS since I've done anything with it), you have to bake Sculpy to get it to be any sort of durable.  It will "harden" if left out, but it's very crumbly.

I have no idea what the foam stuff might be, but I would recommend taking a look at Crayola Model Magic.  It's very easy to work with, super light weight, and drys overnight to a consistency almost like craft foam.

Good luck with your horns!
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