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Is anyone from Southeast Michigan (or other parts for that matter) going next weekend and want to make a new friend or two? It's my first time at Mid and thought it might be nice to be shown around. This is not a "hook-up" or date, I'm married. Just looking for someone who knows the fair. I may have one other person with me too. I don't have a character or anything like that, just like to dress up and walk around, see the shows, do some shopping, etc. Thanks!

Dave and Anne:
Well it may be to late for a response as there is only one weekend left, but I do not think you would need a guide for this faire. It is small but very enjoyable. Also, they will have a fall festival in October that is I believe two weekends. - Cheers - Dave

I'm very happy to hear that mid mich was having two weeks this year , i thought that it was moved. we will be there the second weekend. witch i will need two get me through the winter..i will be looking for new an old friends...peace    :)

Rain...rain... go away... were still on our way...

The Ren Gods must hate me...I have the worst cold I've had in two years and won't get to attend Mid-Mich :( I didn't get to wear my cold weather garb at all this year. Anyone who attends please post pics and let me know how it went!


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