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Lady Renee Buchanan:
Does anyone know if they carry these in Joann's or Hancock Fabrics?  Or do I have to order online (maybe from Pillaged Villager)?

I decided I want to try a waist cinched but I don't want grommets.  I thought perhaps lacing rings would be a nice alternative.


Look in the drapery department for really small drapery rings...then let me know cause I'm going to use them for my sleeves, HAR!

I used the necklace closures from Hobby Lobby.  The round sides, not the toggle sides!  They worked great, by the way!

I've seen a number of people just use the loop side of metal hook and loop clasps. You'd be paying for peices you don't use though.



They have lacing rings, and she is very good at getting things out quickly!!!


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