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Bob of the Lake:
Greetings to all NYRFers out there!

The 35th anniversary 2012 season is just around the corner and things are happening in the shire. The cast is already in rehearsals and the entertainment for the year has been updated on the website: It looks like there are no big changes from last year's lineup. Queen's Passes are also on sale now (same price as last year): Individual tickets are also on sale at a discount until July 23.

Looking forward to another great season and to seeing many of you there!

Green Monk:
looking forward to it  ;D

Bob of the Lake:
See you Opening Day, Green Monk!  :)

Jay Byrd:
How can the board handle so much activity? 

Hey Guys, What's up?  Can't wait.  How many days is it until it opens?

Jay Byrd

Edward of Eltingville:
No Silver Knights  :(


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