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The Rabbi:
Was not sure where to post this but here looked good if wrong please let me know so that I might post in appropriate subject. Gypsy Woods campground and retreat will officialy open for business in May 2013. Both tent sights and Cabins/vardos will be available. If you would like to plan a get away with friends or family for a private mini fair fix please contact me via pm. If you have questions or would like me to post more info here I can do that as well. We will offer full service weekends complete with meals and entertainment all you will need to do is come and enjoy.

As you get closer to opening, will you post the location of the Campgrounds?

Take Care,
David Baldock

The Rabbi:
Sorry such information is need to know only ;D lol. Look us up on mapquest 16678 highway 82n Strang Ok. 74367 We will offer several different packages and cater to our guest as much as humanly possible. We are within 20 minutes of 4 different lakes and other minor attractions. If there are Bikers out there who are interested we can even provide you with one of the most wicked cool rides around. Next question.

I take it with the theme and the accomodations that you have set up that modern camper etc. will not be allowed.  No offene will be taken if that is the case, I fully understand, just info.   

The Rabbi:
Well I am not going to set up for a 48 foot motorhome but if we can accomodate a group and that is what is needed I am willing to bet that a comfortable compromise can be arranged. So no I am not setting up with that in mind but if it is one or two in a group i am not going to say no if we can figure out how to get the motorhomes in a close enough area and everyone else is okey with it.


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