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Celtic Music Festival Has Been Canceled


I just found out that the Four Wind's Faire, (now known as Canterbury Faire's) Celtic Music Festival has been canceled. I just wanted to let you all know. However there is a Wild Wild West/Steampunk weekend planned for the 13th of October and the 20-28 Fri, Sat, Sun will be the Haunted Hayride as well! Hope you all head out and have fun!

uh, my understanding, from one of the vendors, is that yesterday the steampunk event had been canceled as well.

As of today that had not been shared via our FB page, but I have contacted management to verify whether or not it is going to go forward and I will post updates presently!

Thanks for the feedback, trying to help Dustin and Keith keep the RF community updated!

Streampunk is also canceled officially as of today's :(


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