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So this will be my 12th year attending NYRF, but it was only last year that we discovered the Pubsing (don't ask me how we missed it for a decade, I don't even know). It seems really awesome, but! Everyone there seems to know all the songs and we...don't. I love a good sing-along but it's hard to participate when you don't know any of the words. Could anyone point me in the direction of lyrics to some of the songs commonly sung?

Bob of the Lake:
Well met, Koshiba! NYRF is my home faire too and you’ll find me at Pub Sing each time I visit. You never know which songs they'll perform at Pub sing (there have been many memorable original performances too!) but there are a number of standards that tend to pop up.

At NYRF, they generally close with “Wild Mountain Thyme,” although they will sometimes sing “Health to the Company” instead so those are two you may want to learn. Some others that are often performed are “The Wild Rover,” “Sailor’s Prayer” (Crimson Pirates version!), “Finnegan’s Wake,” “I’ll Tell My Ma,” and “Tom o’ Bedlam.” Of course there are many others but you’ll pick them up over time.  :)

Here’s a couple of good places to find lyrics to some of the most popular faire songs (I'm sure there are others):

Renaissance Festival Podcast : 

Brobdingnagian Bards:

Good luck, and maybe we will run into each other at Pub Sing--I should be there Opening Day!

Ah, thanks so much for the info and the links. I thought I remembered hearing "Health to the Company" (the name sounded familiar), but the lyrics aren't ringing any bells. I remember a slowish song that had a really easy to pick up chorus that I was able to join in on, but of course none of it stuck with me.  ::)

I work most Saturdays so the days I'm going will all be Sundays. I'll be there Sunday of opening weekend, looks like I'll miss you by a day.  ;)

Bob of the Lake:
You're welcome! I sometimes go on Sundays also so who knows--our paths may cross!  :D

Green Monk:
Sometimes they hand out song sheets at pub sing.


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