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Alrighty folks! The last post I made had a few errors in it due to faulty information...I have emailed back and forth with the owners and have the following to put forth to you!

Hear ye hear ye! Queen Catherine Parr invites you to come and visit her Royal Highness at the Four Winds Cantebury Faire! The Faire will be open for it's annual Haunted Hayrides this October and will open it's gates again in the spring of 2013!!

I will be announcing updates and passing along information as the owners get it updated and finalized.

Due to serious health issues that struck both partners families, severe accidents and some awful weather striking the grounds things aren't going up as fast as they would like!

Thanks to all that keep coming back, I'll keep posting to keep you posted!!!!

How are the partners' families coming along?  I'm working to make the journey back to Canterbury next spring.

Recovery is coming along for all, slowly but surely.

We were hit by a pretty big storm a few months back and damages were not fun to clean up. But all on track for this spring!

What is the current website? We might be able to make one weekend in the spring.

The website is still the same URL they have had in the past (for now)...

Tell us when you plan on going, the good wife and I might be there for that weekend.

Stalk well...


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