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Hello Fellow Fae!

For Halloween this year, (I think) my husband and I have (finally) settled on dressing up as Titania and Oberon, with our son as the changeling boy they were fighting over in Shakespeare's A Mid-Summer Night's Dream.

I have some ideas of what I'd like to do, but there are a lot of holes in my costume concept.  I would like to make the costume have some subtle, slightly creepy notes to it, to convey the idea that spring/new life comes from winter's death and also that "Mother Nature" is far from cute and cuddly.  I also know I want HUGE wings.  My husband wants to do Oberon quite creepy/wintery, with some subtle touches of spring.  I don't know how much of the costume beyond that he's got thought out.  I'm not sure what to do for our son (who is one), other than "generic" ren garb?  I was thinking maybe a ren shirt, simple pants, and a vest, so that way he could use it for faire, Halloween, and to go see The Hobbit.  ;D

So, to help us along, I thought I would ask all you lovely folks if you had any pictures/links that might help us figure out what we should do.  Any and all suggestions are welcome!  We will, of course, post pictures of the finished costumes once we get them done.  Or, I'll pop back in to let you know we've changed our minds again and are going to dress as something else this year.  :P

I dont have access to my picture library at the moment, BUT... if you can get a look a them, both of Amy Brown's faery art books have a TON of great ideas in them.  I used hers and L.A. Williams as inspiration for the first Embyrre costume 7 years ago :)


Amy Brown is fun.  Also, google Brian Froud, he has some great work.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Sadly, it is turning out that we're not going to have enough time to make these costumes properly this year, and I don't want to do it if I'm not doing it right.  :(  So, hopefully next year.


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