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Lady Guinness:
All of MDRF is special to me but some areas I hold close to my heart.  I think the most calming place is the area by the wine garden. And the White Hart always puts a smile on my face...maybe because that is where my friends are and certainly because the best bartender resides there. (miss you Jim!) Tell me which is your most magical place in our beautiful shire.

Hmm... great topic....

The super secret spot that we first met Morgan and Dwyn... the tree by Tracey's bar where he serenades us.. the boardwalk in the "down" part where the trees are cool... but of course, the best place is where our friends are, which quite often is the White Hart!

The blowing/drinking horn booth, late in the day when there aren't any horns hanging on the end of the 'porch' near the tree. I can perch there and watch people go by. And I have friends who work there and don't mind my perching. :)

Sitting on the bench attached to the big Bullseye booth. Again, watching people go by.

The cottage by the White Hart.

The deck of The Dragon where I asked Cynthia to be my wife.

Count Adolfo:
I'd have to make this a tie between the Dragon and the White Hart... because I had such a wondrous time at both places last year.  I can't wait to return


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