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New to CRF - Want to give me some tips?

Started by midnightferret, August 19, 2012, 09:18:50 AM

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Hey y'all,

Some of you may remember me, but I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you! Ambard and I have recently moved to Savannah, GA, so we were going to try and attend the Carolina Faire in the Fall (and also GARF in Spring). Besides this being a warning to brace yourselves, I was just wondering what everyone does for accommodations, etc? We're about 4 - 5 hours from CRF. I'm used to camping, but I know there aren't any official campgrounds. Does anyone group together and camp, or do you just hotel it?

We just got our business going, so I don't know how many weekends we'll get out to faire this Fall. I guess we *have* to go to the Renn-dezvous, though! I've been reading over the threads here and in the Renn-dezvous thread, but I just thought I'd step in here and introduce myself, so to speak. Have a great day!


Welcome! It's always good to have new faces in the mix. I think you'll enjoy both Carolina and Georgia and how lucky to be in a location where you can get to faire in both Spring and Fall.

Carolina is a nice faire, small enough you can get to know everyone both playtron and cast but large enough to lose yourself if you just want to get away.

Time your visit well and beware the Race Weekend! When NASCAR visits the track in Concord the traffic and the hotel rates increase tenfold. If you do visit that weekend, come early, bring breakfast and tailgate until opening cannon.

There are several nice chain hotels along I-77 in the Cornelius - Huntersville - north of Charlotte area. One of our M'Crack friends from Virginia does camp and uses a campground (possiblly KOA) north on I-77.

Mind the weather, knock on wood. The past 3 years have been excellent! But we start in October which in Carolina can be quite warm, but come the winds of November you'll need your cloak for the morning mist. But once the sun burns away the haze, its a glorious day.

Pirates, Rogues, Wenchs, R/F and M'Cracks we have them all. Stop by M'Crack Corner, next to the pub and Medieval Margaritta (imagine that a pub) just above the joust and you'll always find a friend.

Welcome and we'll see you shortly.
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Mwuaaahahahahahahaha! And Midnight Ferret - you never know what ... "familiar" faces ye might see amongst th' lanes an' near th' pub!  ;)
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That's awesome! I double can't wait now! Heheheh.


I know this thread's been dead for months, but this is my first year at CARF as well! I've lived in Charleston for 3 years but only just got a car, so only just got the ability to drive up. My home faire is TNRF, but I'm excited to have one closer. :)
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Well - Welcome aboard Luv! If'n ye can, come join us this weekend as we're Hosting this forum's Bonny Gatherin' - Rendezvous!!! Go ye NOW to the Rendezvous 2012 Countdown to see the list of Fun events! Schedules and addresses are available there.

We start tonight at the Galway Hooker in Cornelius with a Meet n Greet. Tomorrow morning, we will be tailgaiting in the VIP parking lot with lots to eat before going into the Shire.

We hope to make your acquaintance SOON! :)
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As far as tips go, BRING A HAT/SUNCSCREEN!! We have many areas where the sun wreaks havoc upon the faire, so do think ahead and protect thyself. Also, HYDRATION is key. We are a hot place to be during faire time, save some mornings and November days, so bring GATORAIDE/WATER!! Most people congregate in the shade so if you're looking to make friends that is the place to be. Outside of the joust, to be precise. Good luck to you!! and I hope we meet. Oh, and of course, buy lots of beef jerky! Too good to pass up!!!!
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