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Don Giovanni de' Medici:
So this past year I finally got my wife to go with me to a small Renfaire. To be very honest it was so small and there really wasn't much to do. It got her to thinking, "this is what you love?" She was already not impressed by the entire concept of faire. To make matters worse, there really isn't a faire close by so a visit is an ordeal of packing up and going somewhere. I love to dress in garb and visit. I honestly love to be on cast when I am at faire since performing is what I do. The whole concept of her letting me make her a court gown and playing a character scares her though and she is just not honestly into it. Then again though, neither were any of us at first. Faire strikes a cord with you when you love it. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone out there has gone through anything similar, what worked, what didn't, what was your compromise. I would really love to get out an do a faire again.

I feel your pain.  My husband "hates" Faire and I LOVE it!  I've come to the conclusion that if I can get him to support my love of Faire I'll never bother him to come with me.  He has his likes and I have mine, it'd be unbelievably awesome if we could go together in garb and have fun but it just isn't going to happen so I don't push it. 
As long as your wife supports you in your love of Faire, call it good.  As you said, it strikes a chord with you and you love it.  For others, they don't.

My husband was never (and still isn't) into faire.  The first time I took him he refused to wear garb.  But after walking around with me (in garb!) all day he started to feel awkward.  And not just because I was in garb.... so many OTHER people were in garb!  So the next day he borrowed some of grandpa's extra pieces and felt much better.  The next year he had his own kilt, shirt, shoes, doublet, hat,....  He has gone with me a few times but it is more of a once in a while thing for him.  But that's ok!  He supports me and encourages me.  He doesn't have to tag along and be unhappy if he doesn't want to.  Same thing goes for Civil War reenacting.  He'll come to a close event to support and take pics but never dresses for it.  People think we are weird that we have separate hobbies... go figure! ;D

Merlin the Elder:
We both love it, but know a lot of couples that are split on the concept. We're often surprised by the number of men whose wives are not into it. For some reason, we'd think it would go the other way.

Tiny faires CAN discourage, but don't have to by any stretch of the imagination. Size does not matter, if the quality is good.

LOL, my sweetie and I were introduced to and fell in love with faire at the same time (Grandma wasn't feeling well and sent us 45 min away to "some festival thing" at KCRF for the day).  The next year I decreed that we were going in garb...and proceded to do a bunch of research (looking at pictures online of other rennies) and make garb (first garb...shudder  ::) ).  Bob wore it only because he loves me (so he says that was the only reason that first time).  Now, he is as hardcore as I am about always being on the lookout for stuff that can be used, made, adapted into garb...or perusing the costume jewelry sections of stores for "Pirate Bling"!!!! :D

I think what really helps is he found a "character" that he liked and identified with (he's actually a privateer, complete with letter of marque).  Once your wife finds her niche, she'll be hooked!!!   Maybe have her try a few different "characters/garb styles" from nobility to is sure to ring the right bell!


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