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I wanted to announce to everyone a new faire directory that I built. It's called The Renlist - http://www.therenlist.com/. It uses automation to stay as up to date as possible, so hopefully it'll be useful to people. Overall it should make finding faires near you much easier. People can also submit their own additions and changes to faires if they want.

I'd be interested in any comments or questions or people have, so I guess respond here or PM me if you want.

The Lady Mercedes:
Wow, that's pretty cool! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Lady Gregory:
Very cool.  Thanks for sharing.

Merlin the Elder:
Cool idea.  Rabbi, you need to get your faire listed. I'm not sure of it's exact coordinates.

theChuck, the Pittsburgh Ren Fest is listed a bit far to the west. It should be in Pennsylvania rather than Tulsa...just thought I'd let you know.

Sir Stout:
Wow, this in fantastic! Thanks so much, theChuck - I'm sure your site will see a lot if use!



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